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Beyond Car Accidents: Defining Personal Injury

Beyond Car Accidents: Defining Personal Injury

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When we think about Personal Injury cases, car accidents are one of the first things to come to mind. Car accidents make up a large percent of all Personal Injury cases, however there are other cases that fall under the Personal Injury umbrella that all consumers should be aware of. Here are three more incidents that constitute Personal Injury in Ocala.

Product Liability

Let’s say you buy a car and the brakes don’t work properly, but you don’t find out until they give out on the highway. Who’s at fault? Unfortunately, Toyota knows the answer to this question. Product manufacturers that negligently introduce harmful or defective products to the marketplace can be held liable for the consequences of their actions. Volkswagen is currently being put through the ringer for manipulating emissions tests in their diesel vehicles and unfortunately, this won’t be the last manufacturer held to account for their negligent practices. In the past few years alone, baby products like cribs and pantry staples such as peanut butter have been recalled because of injuries. The salmonella outbreak due to bad peanut butter has even lead to jail time for those who should’ve known about it. Many of these cases are tried both in criminal and civil court as the government seeks to punish the guilty and the harmed seek recompense through the tort system.

Medical Malpractice

malpracticeEveryone has heard this surgery horror story: a patient goes in for a routine surgery and comes out sick, or worse, dead. The cause? The inattentive surgeon left a scalpel, a sponge, or some other instrument inside the patient. It’s a pretty common example of medical negligence. Dental malpractice also falls under the medical malpractice umbrella, as do plastic surgery mishaps. In a medical malpractice case, a judge or jury is tasked with the responsibility of determining whether the doctor or dentist was at fault for the injuries of the plaintiff, whether it be an unsightly scar or an unnecessary procedure.

Industrial Disease

If you’ve ever watched the movie Erin Brockovich, you have some idea about industrial disease cases. Wikipedia identifies industrial disease cases as Personal Injury claims that stem from environmental or occupational factors. In Erin Brockovich, the water was tainted by a plant making the citizens who depended on it sick. Recent events that have lead to large-scale industrial disease include 9/11 and the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown. The 9/11 first-responders were part of a Personal Injury lawsuit that blamed lack of proper ventilation equipment, among other things, as a cause for breathing problems and other illnesses linked to the explosion. They won damages against New York City to aid with their medical bills.

Personal Injury claims include work-related accidents, slip and falls, and assaults, as well. Generally, the basis for these claims is a harmed plaintiff that is seeking monetary compensation for damages they believe the defendant caused willfully or through negligence. A Personal Injury claim in Ocala might deal with an inattentive driver (whether in a car or boat) or even a worker’s comp claim against an employer. Personal Injury law covers a large spectrum of cases. To understand more about whether your injuries fall under Florida law, we recommend you speak with a Personal Injury lawyer in Ocala. Speaking with a lawyer is an important part of understanding your rights and should be done in a timely fashion so that any lawsuits are filed before the statute of limitations takes effect.

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