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South Carolina Woman Films Her Attack on Facebook Live

South Carolina Woman Films Her Attack on Facebook Live

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homework help usaDonesha S. Gantt isn’t the kind of woman who just sits back and hopes for the best, especially not when there’s a man running around Opa Loca who tried to kill her. Se turned to Facebook Live to film the way she reacted to the event with the hopes that it would pay off and help authorities track down the man who made her a victim. Before long, the video had gone viral with more than 92,000 views.

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During the video, Donesha can be clearly heard screaming while the two women in the care with her and Donesha were injured by their assailant. The audio captured Donesha’s stressed breathing and chilling words. “Mom got shot three times and if I die…Mom I’m bleeding. Mama I’m bleeding. I know they shot me but it’s good. It’s good… God forgive me for all my sins. God forgive me for everything.”

The next thing the viewer hears is the wail of the sirens announcing that help is fast approaching. “I said I’m bleeding. Tell them to help me. I need some help,” Donesha screams while she continues to sob. She also said that she can’t believe that no one from people who stand there was not willing to approach her and help her in a time of need.

A member of the responding crew can be heard murmuring to Donesha, urging her to stay strong, a to talk to him which will help her breath. Later, when Donesha was safely at the hospital, she posted a message to her Facebook account. “BLESSED. All I can say is blessed. 4 wounds and I’m blessed. Love you Ma.”

Woman_posts_live_F_2671813nA month after Donesha’s video went viral, police have finally made the very first arrest that pertains to this particular case. They arrested Roscoe Burton, age 20.

According to the detectives who tracked Burton down, the young man now finds himself facing three different counts of pre-meditated attempted murder. He’s being held without bond while police continue their investigation.

“Something tells me this won’t be the last time we hear about a victim using Facebook or another networking social media website to help the public either know about a crime in progress or to help solve a crime,” personal injury lawyer, Joe and Martin of homework help usa said when he learned about Donesha’s use of Facebook live as she came under fire. “I can’t help wondering if, considering how much people are glued to their cell phones and tablets, if this might not actually turn out to be an even faster way of alerting the authorities of a crime in progress than dialing 911 will be.”

If you are ever caught in a shootout as Donesha and her mother were. The first thing you need to do is take care of all your medical needs. Than you need to do everything in your power to help the authorities track down the person who committed the crime. Once that has been taken care of, you need to contact a well-respected, successful personal injury attorney and take the preliminary steps in filing a lawsuit against your attackers.

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